Endangered Exmoor

Endangered Exmoor ........... an organisation formed by local people to fight for a traditional way of life under threat on Exmoor; to protect the ancient red deer herds facing destruction, and to highlight the devastating consequences a ban on hunting with hounds would have on this unique rural community, at a time when hill farming is in crisis. In 1999 the West Somerset District Council (WSDC) published a report on the "Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects of Hunting with Hounds in West Somerset and Exmoor". The primary object of the study was to "assess aspects of the local economy, society and the environment which are affected or influenced, directly or indirectly, by hunting with hounds". Most importantly, the study considered the possible effects that a ban on hunting would have on a unique rural community such as Exmoor, one already under threat with the dramatic decline in farming incomes over the past few years. The report concluded that "a ban on hunting with hounds would pose a severe challenge".

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last updated 16th June 2004